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  Technology Summary

AxioMx has developed synthetic recombinant antibody libraries, commonly known as phage display libraries, with greater than ten billion  unique clones. Diversity in our libraries is restricted to the most variable positions in the complementarity determining regions (CDRs) of natural antibody sequences. Our antibody frameworks have been optimized for protein expression, and our libraries efficiently generate binders to peptides as well as protein antigens.

We utilize a "rapid liquid approach"  in our automated phage display screening methodology to select for antibodies with both high affinity and high specificity.  

Our rapid liquid approach eliminates the need for solid media plating between selection rounds and enables high-throughput parallel screening of antibody diversity to identify antibodies with the desired affinity and selectivity.

Our proprietary affinity maturation process enables rapid improvement of antibody affinity by up to two orders of magnitude. At AxioMx we typically achieve antibody affinities of 50 nanomolar or less.





Services Summary

AxioMx is a leader in recombinant antibody discovery and development. Our custom recombinant antibody services provide research and development scientists with high specificity and high affinity antibodies that are optimized for a designated application or applications. Our proprietary technology enables us to rapidly develop and deliver a recombinant antibody in as little as 8 weeks.

By reducing the time required to develop a custom antibody and by optimizing the antibody’s performance, we enable our customers to advance their research and assay development more rapidly.

Our services range from peptide/antigen synthesis to large-scale production of recombinant antibodies and include:

Peptide Synthesis, Epitope Mapping, Screening & Affinity Maturation, Antibody Modification & Optimization, and Antibody Production

The AxioMx Antibody Development Team is comprised of proteomic and genomic experts. Together, we work with you from design to delivery of your custom antibody. Our focus is the quality of your experience working with us and the quality of your custom antibody.




Recombinant Antibodies

Recombinant antibodies, like single chain variable fragments (scFv), represent an attractive alternative to natural antibodies. Recombinant antibodies are epitope-specific and renewable through expression in the appropriate host, and they can be genetically engineered as fusions to enzymes, fluorescent proteins, and epitope tags. It is possible to do experiments that are not possible with traditional antibodies.

Recombinant antibodies provide advantages over traditional antibodies. They are:  


Easily modified for improved properties and optimized performance

Consistent in quality across production batches

and, recombinant antibodies can be used in the same applications as traditional monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

At AxioMx, our recombinant antibodies are developed and produced using a proprietary phage display platform and constant antibody frameworks. Our optimized methods enable us to develop an antibody in as little as 8 weeks.



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